Tuesday, March 10, 2015


By William Yaw Owusu
Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There appear to be confusion at the Electoral Commission (EC) over who should take over from the outgoing Chairman, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan who is retiring very soon.

Dr. Afari-Gyan is due to address parliament today, probably for the last time, as he proceeds on terminal his leave prior to retirement next week.

Even before he retires, there is serious power-play among the deputy commissioners and the issue of who should take over as the acting Commissioner before a substantive one is appointed, has become intense.

The EC boss is going to parliament to explain the botched District Level Elections which should have been held on March 3, to the house.

A source told DAILY GUIDE that Amadu Sulley, a deputy commissioners in charge of Operations is seriously lobbying to be appointed acting Commissioner and possibly substantive when Afari-Gyan finally retires in June.

Sources told DAILY GUIDE that Mr Amadu has a lot of question to answer as he was said to have created the mess in the botched district level election.

As the person in charge of operations, he reportedly ignored calls by Dr. Afari-Gyan to extend the District Level Elections timetable when it became apparent that the Constitutional Instrument (C.I.) that was to be used to regulate the election was flawed.

“If there is anybody to be blamed, it should be Amadu Sulley because Afari-Gyan asked him to extend the time for the election but he did not heed to the advice. He caused the election mess,” the source claimed.

“He is busily positioning himself as the Acting Commissioner and the sort of ongoing power-play at the commission is amazing. Dr. Afari-Gyan’s imminent departure has gripped everybody at the commission.”

The source said the cancellation of the election by the Supreme Court has thrown the EC’s budgeted programmes out of gear.

“The EC spent millions of state money to print the ballot papers and made other preparations before the court ordered them to restart the whole process so it is a huge financial loss Dr. Afari-Gyan and his staff caused.”

“It is clear that the commission will have to do another balloting for candidates except in areas where only one candidate will be contesting and all these will be at the expense of the taxpayer.”

The election was called off because Benjamin Eyi Mensah, a fisherman from winneba in the Central region, challenged the maturity of C.I. 85, the instrument used by the commission to attempt to organize the election and the Supreme Court duly affirmed the plaintiff’s reliefs.

EC statement
The Commission later in a terse statement said "in view of the Supreme Court's decision in the matter of Benjamin Eyi Mensah v The Electoral Commission, on Friday, 27th February 2015, with regard to the maturity of C.I 85, the District Level Elections and all activities connected with them have been suspended forthwith until further notice."

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