Wednesday, March 23, 2016


By William Yaw Owusu
Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr Henry Kofi Wampah, says there is no reason for him to resign his position following the arrest of a British narcotics drugs baron, David McDermott, who is married to his daughter.

He called the bluff of those calling for his resignation and said he had already made up his mind to see out the rest of his contract at the Central Bank.

When journalists took the opportunity at the Monetary Planning Committee Meeting in Accra on Monday to find out about the Governor’s intentions following the arrest of the fugitive son-in-law, he said  “My son-in-law is my son-in-law; it has nothing to do with me being Governor of the Central Bank.”

He added, “I have made a statement on that and that should be enough for you. My term will end this year and I will let you know when I’m going so thank you.”

Dr Wampah, in a news release recently, confirmed that David McDermott is married to his stepdaughter, Ramona Wampah, and sources say they live in the plush Bruma Hills, Accra and that the fugitive has been in Ghana for about three years.

The British drug lord is linked to a £71 million cocaine deal in the UK before running to Ghana for safety, marrying Ramona Sunu who later adopted Wampah’s name. Ramona’s father is still alive, DAILY GUIDE has learnt.

There are reports that the 42-year-old British of Ormskirk, West Lancashire, who is on the wanted list of the United Kingdom authorities, entered Ghana with a fake Ghanaian passport under the name, David Smith, until he was finally arrested on March 11.

Dr Wampah also confirmed that the fugitive has been working in the mining sector since he arrived in Ghana.

"David McDermott has been known to me as a worker in the mining sector and has been living in the country with Ramona since their marriage some three years ago. Until I received information about his arrest, I had absolutely no knowledge about David being a fugitive of the British government,” even though the fugitive has been on the British wanted list for about two years.

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Some security analysts have wondered what immigration status allowed the fugitive to work in the mining sector and what background checks were done prior to granting that immigration status.

They also raised issues about how the wanted fugitive was able to secure a Ghanaian passport and travelled to Ghana and how the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) could not do a thorough check on the background of a white man holding a Ghanaian passport.

The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) said on its website that “McDermott is suspected of being a member of a Liverpool-based organised crime group involved in a conspiracy to import and supply cocaine which was seized from a container of frozen Argentinian beef in May 2013 at Tilbury Docks. He is also wanted for conspiracy to blackmail.”

The process that will lead to the extradition of the fugitive has commenced but his lawyer, Victor Kojogah Adawudu, a leading member of the ruling NDC team of lawyers, appears not to be happy and has criticised the security agencies for trampling on the fugitive’s rights.

He did not understand why the security agencies prevented him from meeting his client, three days after the arrest, telling Joy FM that “Ghana is a country of laws so good governance and respect for human rights should be the hallmark."

He claimed the fugitive was sent to the court without what he called “the necessary legal representation,” insisting, “he has been incommunicado” and adding, “This Kangaroo mentality” by state prosecutors must stop.

"It is so sad. Due process must be followed," he stated and confirmed that the fugitive’s wife was pregnant and needed to have access to him.

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