Tuesday, February 28, 2017


By William Yaw Owusu
Tuesday, February 28,  2017
Crystal Capital & Investments Limited (CCI), a fast growing markets investment firm, has officially launch two new mutual funds that will offer opportunities to investors to earn higher returns in order to plan appropriately towards their entrepreneurial goals.

The launch of the Mutual Funds - Crystal Entrepreneur Fund (E-Fund) and Crystal Wealth Fund (W-Fund)-was supervised by Alexander Williams, Acting Director-General of Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and other financial gurus in Accra on Tuesday evening.

The E-Fund, according to Crystal Capital, has been designed primarily for entrepreneurs, young people with entrepreneurial ambitions, as well as organizations that support entrepreneurial initiatives.

 The fund protects the capital of investors by investing in a balanced portfolio that provides very good yield.

Through the E-Fund, Crystal Capital hopes to help entrepreneurs to achieve their business dreams without loans and also quicker than they would with just savings.

The W-Fund, on the other hand, has been designed for individuals and corporations who would like to make regular income on their investments at rates of return that are higher than those of savings.

The Wealth Fund provides security and opportunities to create wealth at one’s own pace. It is ideal for investors looking to invest towards particular short to medium term goals or looking for regular income.

Launching the funds, Mr. Williams said the rate at which mutual funds were growing is an indication of innovative product development and growth in the market.

He said developing the culture of long-term investments was the right way to go and also said that trust between the fund managers and investors was critical.

According to Mr. Williams, there is going to be what he called ‘exciting challenges’ in the capital market and the standard is going to be high and demanding.”

He advised the fund managers to commit themselves to always making the fund successful.

Prof. Robert Hinson of the University of Ghana Business School, who chaired the launch, said there is keen competition in the capital market and fund managers must be proactive in order to survive.

He said, “I have been following mutual funds for some time. The competition is keen in that area, but I believe there is still room for more.”

Martin Ofori, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Crystal Capital said “the E-Fund and the Wealth Fund have been designed to serve a current need in the market for innovative and flexible investment products that will give every Ghanaian real value.”

He said “with markets in a near state of tumult and the fear that volatility might destroy returns in many parts of the market, running one Fund with a mandate to find value in one particular market is not quite strategic.”

Mr. Ofori said that Crystal Capital has “the dexterity to diversify investment funds to deliver optimum yield.”

He explained that “at CCI, we identify value or the potential for value where others do not. We do not merely sell products and financial services - we form the right partnership with each and every client.”

“This is important to us – to create value for our clients through ingenious value-add services like complimentary advisory sessions for asset owners and users.”

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