Sunday, April 09, 2017


By William Yaw Owusu
 Saturday, April 08, 2017

The political turbulence that has hit the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) following the party’s humiliating defeat in the 2016 general election is continuing unabated.

This is because cadres and activists of the party are putting pressure on the national executives to organize an early congress to save the NDC from further disintegration.

Early Congress
“We urge the current leadership of the party to call an early congress to forestall the despondency that is fast creeping in, to be exploited by adventurists,” Akuamoah Ofosu Boateng, secretary of the cadres, said in a statement yesterday.

The party has already set up a 13-member Kwesi Botchwey committee to look into why the NDC lost the election.

But even before the Botchwey Committee, which has been facing challenges, would submit its report, there are cacophonous voices calling for early congress and stepping aside of the current executives.

The cadres warned that before the congress was held,  “The fraudulent party register that was hurriedly put together without first piloting it to access its integrity should be replaced,” and hinted of a court action if that was not done saying, “We call on well-meaning members of the party to challenge its use, if need be, in court.”

Flamboyant Rallies
According to the cadres, the NDC, which they claimed was founded on social democratic principles of probity and accountability as well as grass root participation, rather embarked on a profligate adventure during the 2016 electioneering campaign, which cost them dearly.

 “The NDC 2016 campaign was characterized by flamboyant   rallies full of opulence and fanfare devoid of any political or ideological substance that did not resonate with the actual people on the ground,” the statement indicated.

Disjointed Structures
“The structures of the NDC at the national, regional and constituency levels refused to work at the grass roots. The Branch executives were virtually sidelined when logistics and funds were provided from the higher levels. Members at the branch levels were frustrated and neglected. The NDC campaign in 2016 neither energized the base nor encouraged new people to join the party.

 “About one million of our own people who voted for the NDC in 2012 felt excluded,  alienated, disillusioned and abandoned by the party they have loved ever since its  inception in 1992. They therefore decided to sit on the fence and watch the unfolding events.”

Cadres Snub
According to the cadres, the NDC national executives deliberately ignored them during the campaign and said the party bigwigs saw them as a nuisance in the run-up to the elections.

“The cadres of the National Democratic Revolution, who had worked hard to unite their forces into the United Cadre Front (UCF) and had been accepted and endorsed  by the National Executive Committee at a press conference organized at the National  Headquarters of the party, were deliberately sidelined and ignored in the whole  campaign period,” the statement claimed, adding, “Indeed, before and during the 2016 elections, these cadres  were seen by some leaders of the party and former government appointees as a  plaque to be avoided.”

Bad Policies
According to them, the Mahama-led government abandoned the policies and programmes “tailored to benefit the ordinary working people, but was happily pursuing projects  that largely benefitted the elite and the privileged class in the society.

Business People
The cadres said that the NDC leadership “did not only show clear signs of exhaustion from eight years of  government, it also displayed a lack of ideological commitment to social  democracy if at all some of them understood it.

“Key operatives became businessmen and women with business proposals in their armpits as a past-time and therefore, lacked the zeal and focus to drive a successful election.”

They also said some NDC leaders were bankrupt of new ideas, while some appointees “demonstrated arrogance, showed vulgar opulence and self-conceitedness in the mist of poverty and social deprivation.”

According to them, it was glaring that per the happenings in the NDC, “the party was going to struggle to hold on to power in the 2016 elections.

“No wonder the NDC suffered a humiliating defeat never seen in the annals of the party's political history.”

They added, “It is therefore not an understatement that the party needs reorganization, if it is to be relevant in the current political dispensation and to recover itself.”

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