Tuesday, February 06, 2018


By William Yaw Owusu
Tuesday February 06, 2018

Rasheeda Adams, ex-wife of National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Kumbungu in the Northern Region, Ras Mubarak, has claimed that the MP was ‘extremely abusive’ towards her and that forced her to quit the marriage.

Rasheeda, who was working in the media, said she abandoned the ‘ship’ about a year ago and is currently in court with the young MP over the custody of their two children.

The Kumbungu MP, who was once Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Youth Authority (NYA) under the erstwhile Mahama’s NDC administration, on Sunday, reportedly married Huseina Mubarak, daughter of Asawase MP in Kumasi and Minority Chief Whip in parliament, Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak.

Breaking Silence
Mr Ras Mubarak later took to social media to rebut claims that he was taking a second wife, insisting that he has only one wife whom he officially tied the knot with over the weekend at a ceremony attended by MPs from both sides of the political divide.

“I've just woken up to news that I married an additional wife yesterday. Let me put it on record that though I am unapologetically a believer in polygamy and my religion, and my proud Dagbon tradition and culture permit polygamy, I just remarried yesterday after my wife then packed out and sued for divorce a few weeks before the 2016 elections,” he posted on Facebook.

Ras added, “While we appreciate the media interest in reporting what is news, we wish to encourage the media to report what is factual. Mrs. Huseina Mubarak - my new and only wife - and I are very grateful to colleagues from the NDC and NPP, friends, family and everyone who supported us in diverse ways. May God bless us all and strengthen every marriage.”

Unconfirmed report says Sunday’s ceremony was the third marriage the young MP had contracted, having kissed goodbye to his previous two spouses.

Ex-Wife’s Rebuttal

The MP’s former wife, Rasheeda Adams, was incensed that people were claiming that she was still married to Ras Mubarak and sought to set the records straight.

She revealed that she divorced the MP because she could not take his constant physical and verbal abuses, saying, “The marriage ended due to extremely abusive behaviour from Mr. Mubarak towards me. We have not lived together for the last one year.”

She also took to Facebook to say that her union with the MP resulted in two children, and added that they are currently in court over who is the rightful person to take custody of the children.

“I woke up this morning to a barrage of calls sympathizing with me, because my ‘husband,’ Ras Mubarak, took a second wife. I wish to categorically state that this information is wrong.”

She said, “I have refrained from commenting on this issue because I believe my time and energy would be put to better use by working hard and nurturing my children. However, it has gotten to a point where I am avoiding business calls just so I do not have to speak to another sympathizer.

“I was married to Mr. Mubarak, which resulted in two beautiful children. The said marriage has been over for more than a year, as we are now in court over custody matters. The marriage ended due to extremely abusive behaviour from Mr. Mubarak towards me.

“We have not lived together for the last 1 year. No, I do not know his new wife. Don’t ask me if she is his sister; I don’t know. Yes I’m fine with it. The Ashantis have a proverb to wit; ‘after one pushes an old lady, where she falls is not one’s business.”

According to Rasheeda Adams, “A man cannot have a second wife when he does not have a first, and I AM NOT HIS WIFE. I am very happy for him as the father of my children and wish him marital bliss so he can completely forget my existence. I feel nothing but relief.”

She called on the media to ‘verify’ the facts of the matter before publishing it, saying, “It will save us all a great deal of stress.”

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