Wednesday, September 01, 2010

AMA endorses indiscipline?

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By William Yaw Owusu

Wednesday September
AT A TIME when President Mills is striving to bring discipline into the country, some state agencies, including the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) appear to be undermining the President’s efforts.

Motorists using the only road from Akokor Photo, Dansoman Clinic to Dansoman Roundabout and its environs on Monday August 30, 2010 had a torrid time in reaching their homes simply because the man of God, Apostle Nathaniel Opare Yeboah of Potter Palace International Ministry had blocked the one-way stretch of the road at the First Stop bus stop and was holding what he termed as Prophetic Rally 2010 under the theme, “Supernatural Transformation.”

Between 6:10 and 11 pm, motorists had to find ways of moving through the area to get to their destinations while others had to return and use different routes.

As a result, there was huge traffic from the Wesley Grammar area and motorists had to flout road traffic regulations and use the lanes reserved for those coming from opposite direction.

When DAILY GUIDE got to the scene at about 7:17 pm, plastic chairs, tables and a red saloon car with registration GR 8818 V had been used as blockade while a giant screen was erected for those who could not enter the hall of the church to worship.

Even those outside the hall were not more than 10 and could easily have converged in open spaces in the area including a place called Tony Park for the event.

Interestingly two AMA officials (a woman and man) were seen directing traffic at both ends of the road with one standing between Akokor Photo and ABOMART and the other at the Most Holy Heart School.

Motorists, who could not comprehend why the AMA should issue permit for the pastor to block such a sensitive road, complained bitterly.

There were intense verbal exchanges when some of the motorists got to the scene and were asked to return.

Sources at the church told DAILY GUIDE that the AMA gave the pastor permission to block the road.

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