Tuesday, June 09, 2015


By William Yaw Owusu
Tuesday, June 09, 2015

A Coalition for Ghana’s Independence Now (CGIN), a pressure group has claimed the government is going to allow Ghanaians to be used for an Ebola vaccines trial.

According to the coalition, starrfmonline.com recently reported that the University of Health and Allied Sciences is spearheading the project which was expected to kick off at Hohoe in the Volta Region soon and added that health officials had already approached students of the Hohoe Midwifery Training School to volunteer for the trial.

The CGIN said the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) confirmed to the Accra-based radio station that it was testing the vaccine before it could give authorization for the trial to take off.

According to the coalition, the students had been promised GH¢200 each and mobile phones. They will also receive other compensations such as transport fares among others depending on how the trial goes.

However, the Coalition said in a statement “Investigations by Starr FM under-cover team have made public a clandestine attempt by authorities to use midwifery students at Hohoe in the Volta region for human experiment on the Ebola vaccine in a country with no Ebola case.”

“We want to say without fear or favor that, Ebola is not just a disease but rather a well-planned business. A business where people have created an artificial problem and now looking for a market to sell the solution and we are telling Ghanaians beforehand that there is and will be no way by which Ghana can go through this Ebola virus human experiment without Ebola being spread country wide.”

“We also would want Ghanaians to know that, since there is no a single case of Ebola or patient in Ghana, healthy people would have to be infected with the Ebola virus before the said vaccine is administered to them for a gamble.

“It is therefore from the above illogical scenario that we consider the intended human experimentation of Ebola in Ghana as criminal, human right abuse, thievery and a total disrespect of Ghanaians as human beings.”

It added: “CGIN is not crying wolf when there is none but, we are guided by history, logic and critical thinking and our responsibility as citizens to play our role of national security.

“Ebola outbreak, which is 100% sure to happen in Ghana should this human trials be allowed to go on, will be the greatest national security threat our country will ever face. The manufactures of the so-called Ebola vaccine will look on till a larger number of Ghanaians are killed by the disease here in Ghana before the vaccine will be release and this would happen to make government buy the vaccine at any price.

NDC protest
The Volta Region NDC has asked the Ministry Of Health to immediately call off the Ebola Vaccine trial in the region.

The Regional Executives the exrcise in a statement yesterday as “unfortunate” and said it is tantamount using them as “human guinea pigs.”

“We are not going to sit down for our people to be used as guinea pigs in a needless experiment.”

The statement questioned the appropriateness of conducting such an exercise in a country which has not recorded a case of the Ebola Disease.

“We want to state that Ghana has no evidence of Ebola outbreak to warrant Ebola vaccination trials. We have cases of malaria, cholera and HIV AIDS among others. We need vaccines or remedies for these diseases. Why should a country that is not threatened by Ebola, risk the lives of its citizens for an unnecessary experiment?”

 “We are appealing to the Minister of Health to intervene and stop this experiment. We would be grateful if the experiment is canceled completely to prevent the use of innocent Voltarians as guinea pigs.”

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