Thursday, October 29, 2015


By William Yaw Owusu
Thursday, 29 October 2015

Some members of the Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly (ASEMA) have vowed to resist what they claimed to be an attempt by the MCE to force them to approve the assembly’s budget.

According to the members, Nuhu Adams, who is the MCE, is employing every available tactics to get the assembly to approve the budget in spite of the alleged flagrant disregard for due process.

“In the first place, we require at least 14 days’ notice for a meeting to introduce the budget to the house to be arranged. But we only received the letter yesterday requesting us to meet on the budget tomorrow,” one of the aggrieved members told DAILY GUIDE.

He said the letter was deliberately backdated to reflect the assembly’s commitment to the standing orders, adding, “they want us to approve a budget that we may not have any knowledge about.”

The assemblyman also said that the assembly was yet to elect a Presiding Member after failing to elect one recently, adding that the alacrity with which the MCE wanted the budget approved was alarming.

“These are issues going on nationwide. The government is bent on getting all the assemblies to approve their budgets and would not consider how they are passed. They will eventually be used by the NDC for their 2016 campaign,” he disclosed.

The assemblyman further alleged that Nuhu Adams was staying in office illegally since he was never approved by the assembly after the president’s nomination.

“For four clear years, he has been in office illegally. He was first appointed by President Mills and after the president’s unfortunate passing, he was asked to act by President Mahama,” he claimed, adding, “all that we know is that he has never been confirmed by the assembly as required by law.”

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