Friday, December 15, 2017


By William Yaw Owusu
Friday December 15, 2017

The former Consul to Dubai, Daniel Osei, says the approach adopted by the leadership of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to re-register its members is a scam.

“It is being done to give former President John Mahama and his camp total control of the party so that he will have an undue advantage over the other contestants who are preparing to become the NDC’s flagbearer for the 2020, he said.

“We are sleeping folks, and the NPP is cruising to victory in 2020. I am vexed. It's shameful what these enemies of progress are willing to do without regard to our party,” he said on one of the NDC social media platforms.

According to him, “The scattered and expensive process leading to the next primaries of the party, including ‘fake’ and ‘useless’ registration booklets is ‘unsustainable.”

“For those who have participated in branch elections in the past, when did national ever print booklets for branch exercises?”
“So this gargantuan mess will continue to thrive until we get to their ace card where it becomes so expensive for other candidates to compete, they'll have their guys in place to control events and their candidate who will fund the entire exercise -including the ‘Nokofioo’ for the delegates and their transportation etc - will become the obvious choice!” he fired.
“It's all a big scam and must be rejected with the urgency it deserves.

“What the leadership of the party is seeking to implement has the ‘sole purpose’ of helping the greedy ‘bastards’ impose their chosen one as flag bearer.”

“To allow these crooks to use the same repressive tactics to continue to steer the affairs of the party can only yield one result; defeat in 2020, and it will be more disastrous than 2016.”

He said “the Mahama camp is going to overwhelm the process with money and become the obvious choice and you and I know their chosen one can't win a national election in Ghana,” adding “don't be fooled by the silly busing of a handful of people to make noise, as indicative of broad support.

“Talk to your friends and neighbours and you will see person after person, who supported Mills in 2008, supported NDC in 2012, same people rejected Mahama in 2016!

Mr Osei charged the rank and file of the NDC who he called comrades to “use information wisely.”

He said that if the NDC wants to elicit the support of the electorate for 2020, the party must listen carefully and partner them intelligently and proactively.”

“Talk to the business community and you will see they rejected Mahama and don't want him back! Talk to the leadership and members of AGI, talk to the bankers, engage the entrepreneurs and businessmen and have a candid conversation. Talk to members and leadership of GREDA and they will tell you they can't support him. Traders, farmers, nurses, teachers all rejected the former president.”

He added “the international community did not hide their disdain for his governance and style, so much that foreign diplomats in the country went rogue, voiced their opinions and openly demanded change.”

The former consul said “in the opinion of workers and the labour front, Mahama was a disaster.

“We are the party of workers and he systematically destroyed our working relations with labour unions, all in a quest to score silly political points instead of paying attention to the needs of workers and empowering labour as our social democratic ideology instructs.”

“We leaked information to make doctors look bad for no other reason than to pat ourselves on the back and claim ‘we've out smarted them - and to what end?”

“Enough is enough. Forget about them and their evil plots. Reject their low-level thinking and bankrupt ideology of sycophancy,” he fired, adding “speak truth to power. Rise up and take back your party.”

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