Friday, March 23, 2018


By William Yaw Owusu
Friday March 23, 2018

Former President John Dramani Mahama is still crying over his embarrassing defeat to then candidate Nana Akufo-Addo in the 2016 general elections.

The defeat dashed his hope of securing a second term in office, making him the first sitting president in Ghana’s political history to be defeated overwhelmingly by an opposition leader.

Purposeless Lamentation 
Ever since he lost to then candidate Nana Akufo-Addo, Mr Mahama has never stopped brooding over it.

Just last week, he took his sulking feature to London, United Kingdom, where he told opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters that it was the “incompetence” label put on him and his government  by then opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) that made him lose the election.

He appeared to say that the NDC supporters were so gullible that they believed the “incompetence” tag pushed particularly by then vice presidential candidate and now Vice President Alhaji Dr. Bawumi, in the heat of the campaign.

“They kept shouting ‘incompetence,’ ‘incompetence,’ ‘incompetence’ until our own people started believing that we are incompetent,” he lamented, adding, “Our own NDC guys think I am incompetent.”

Super Incompetence 
The former president said events in the country since he left office had shown that the NPP administration is “super incompetent.”

He indicated, “Now they themselves realize that governance is not easy. They kept shouting ‘incompetence!’ ‘incompetence!’ until our own people started believing we are incompetent and that these guys must be some super people. Now look at the super....that’s the super for you! You just have to add super to it to make super incompetent.”

Divine Defeat 
In one breath, Mr Mahama said it was the incompetence tag that made him lose the election, but in another, he accepts it was good the NDC was kicked out of office so that the whole world would know which administration is incompetent.

In an analogy, he said, “I did history in university and we had that question of ‘if.’ You know if Napoleon had been taller, would it have changed the course of history? If this had happened would this have happened?

“So you can always fantasize about if something had happened and that’s exactly what would have happened. They would have said if Nana had won, Free SHS would have come; if Nana had won, every district would have a factory. If Nana had won, every village would have a dam. If Nana had won, he would have reduced petrol prices. If Nana had won, the cedi would have come back to one dollar. That’s what would have happened. If we had won, there is nothing we would have done anybody would have appreciated.

“And so it is God’s way of saying ‘you guys should step aside and let Ghanaians have a feel of this Nana guy and see the magic he can work to fulfill the things he has said.”

Mr John Dramani Mahama is now revealing that there are internal squabbles in the NDC, although during his tenure of office, the same President Mahama led the NDC to orchestrate an agenda that sought to sow seeds of discord in then opposition NPP and portray its candidate - Nana Akufo-Addo - as a divisive leader who could not be entrusted with the destiny of the country.

Media Bias 
In spite of the glaring hijacking of all state-owned media in contravention of the rules, and controlling a good number of the opposition press by the NDC government, the former president says the media were biased against his government.

“The NPP rolled out a very strong propaganda campaign. They just got a label of ‘corrupt’ and ‘incompetent’ on us and they had media allies. They continued over and over again until Ghanaians said well, let’s see these people off but our own people imbibed that propaganda.

 “I said in Somanya that the NPP did not win the election; NDC lost it.”

He commended the minority NDC in parliament for their work.
“Even with the 106 seats that we have, our minority is doing so well. I must commend them for the work they are doing.


Mr Mahama said during the 2016 campaign, “Everybody became complacent” and pointed out that the party could not reconcile with those who were wronged.

“I take full responsibility. As the president your focus is on development. Sometimes you lose sight of some of the little things going on at the grass roots,” he seemed to be defending himself.

One Million Votes 
He said he lost because NDC sympathizers did not go out in their numbers to vote on election day.

“On the day, we lost almost a million votes and that is because our people did not come out to vote. Nana Addo’s votes did not increase significantly. It was a hundred and something thousand more but we dropped by more than 900,000 votes.

“I mean in every region, if you look at the results you see that there was a consistent drop and so what it tells us is that as many of our people who voted for us in 2012, this time did not come out to vote in 2016.”

The former president added, “We are in opposition. We have no expectation and so we should come together to be able to fight and come back to government.”

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