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Volta NDC Youth whacks Mills

Alhaji Bello Misbaw is a leading member of the Concerned Volta Youth.

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William Yaw Owusu

Thursday August 12, 2012
IT APPEARS all is not well with President J.E.A Mills and his National Democratic Congress (NDC) government.

A group calling itself the Concerned Youth of Volta Region has also entered the fray taking a swipe at the president for neglecting former President J.J Rawlings, founder of the NDC and the man who made him who he is today.

They are threatening to withdraw their support for the NDC if President Mills does not take steps to see to the needs of the former President.

A news release issued in Accra and jointly endorsed by Alhaji Bello Misbaw (Spokesperson), Kennedy Amewu (Secretary) and Dzila Tsikata (Organizer) titled “Maltreatment of HE JJ Rawlings by the Mills Administration” said “we, the Concerned Youth of Volta Region have observed with utter dismay and shock the maltreatment that our beloved former President H.E .Jerry John Rawlings, founder of the National Democratic Congress and his family are going through at the hands of his own NDC government led by HE Professor JEA Mills.”

They said “we want to state categorically that we are not happy about the maltreatment being meted out to our former President whose toil the current Mills administration are enjoying and we have resolved to use any legitimate means to protect the legacy of our founder.”

The release said “since the NDC government came to power we have not seen any step taken by President Mills and his appointees to appreciate the man whose fruit of labour the government is enjoying now. All we see from the government is a strenuous effort to glorify Kwame Nkrumah and his CPP instead of finding ways to build a solid NDC for the future by concentrating on the remarkable path created by HE JJ Rawlings.”

It continued: “Currently what is going on in the Volta region is that some natives in the region from the Presidency are going about polluting the people that our former President is frustrated and that people should not take him seriously. This is unacceptable and we are ready to lay our lives down to protect the integrity of our founder. In fact we are prepared to face squarely anybody who goes around any part of the country to spread this unfounded and wicked propaganda.”

The release said JJ Rawlings is an experienced leader and knows what he is about adding “He does not speak for the sake of it. He speaks with wisdom. Whatever he says is to the benefit of President Mills and his government and for the Better Ghana Agenda to be realized.”

“Is it not a fact that people are becoming disillusioned about the Better Ghana Agenda? And when he tries to help for it to be achieved some people in the NDC and those on the outside who do not want to see the party progress for selfish and parochial interests try to castigate him.”

“His accommodation issue is still in limbo and those in the government do not seem to care. They only sit in their comfort and make outrageous statements.”

“We would like to tell those who are having infantile feelings that the NDC as it is now can win an election without our founder and his spouse had better go back and rethink this because they know it will be extremely difficult or impossible for that to happen,” the statement said.

“We want to tell them that if they feel the kitchen is too hot for them they can leave the party. We want them to know that if they leave today they will not be able to take even one per cent of the party’s members away. They should find out from all those who left the NDC.

The group also served what it called a “final notice” to Omane Boamah, Haruna Iddrisu, Inusah Fuseini, Alhaji Iddrisu Bature and others “to render an unqualified apology to our founder for trying to bring the former first family’s name into disrepute otherwise we will withdraw our support for the Mills administration in the region.”

“We also want to make it clear that if they want to hoard money and think they can use it to buy our conscience then they must be dreaming. This is because Ghanaians are now mature democratically and nobody can use money to buy anybody’s conscience any longer.”

“The hypocrites around the President are too many. There are a lot of stomach politicians too. They did it when former President Rawlings was in office and they are doing it to President Mills. We are reminding the President that when he becomes a former President he will understand what we are talking about,” the group added.

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