Tuesday, May 12, 2015


By William Yaw Owusu
Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority (NYA), Ras Mubarak is taunting Ghanaians saying that if they fed up with the erratic power supply popularly called Dumsor, they can vote out the NDC from office.

In what can pass as a cheeky remark the young politician posted on Facebook, a social media platform that “I’m quite tired of hearing ‘you will see what we’ll do to u in 2016.’ The worse is to vote against us. Our world didn’t end when we went into opposition.”

The power crisis has worsened with the Mahama-led government struggling to remedy the situation.

Currently, industries and major businesses are collapsing as a result for the dum-sor coupled with massive lay-off of workers since the problem heightened.

Deadlines set by the government to end the dumsor have elapsed and Ghanaians continue to remain in the dark when the problem would finally be solved.

Many Ghanaians including celebrities have expressed disgust at the government’s handling of the crisis but a number of NDC appointees have sought to disparage those who want the government to sit up over the dumsor.

In the ensuing confusion, Ras Mubarak who lost the Ablekuma North parliamentary seat on the ticket of the NDC appears to taunt Ghanaians for complaining ‘too much.

He said on Facebook that “if governments after Nkrumah had thought about the long term, as JM (John Mahama) is doing, we won’t be complaining about dumsor today. So please feel free to vote against us for thinking and doing things for a Better Ghana, but u will not only thank us tomorrow, you will live in regret, like we are today, for all the bad things we said and did to Nkrumah.”

He asked, “what use is fixing dumsor temporarily only for it to reoccur in 6 or 7 years?”

He said Ghanaians should be proud to have a President who is not “thinking about the next election, but about what is good for Ghana,” and warned that a time will come when citizens “may wish to have a John Mahama as your President many years when he’s gone, but it will be way too late.”

Barely twenty four hours after the comment which made even some NDC members to call on President Mahama to sack him, Ras Mubarak appears to issued apology trying to calm nerves.

Speaking on Citi FM yesterday he said, “my comments in respect of the fact that if after attempting or actually seeing things that will actually help Ghanaians in the long-run is something if 3not appreciated, we should be voted against. For that I think it was quite inappropriate and I sincerely apologise for that.”

However, he appeared to reiterate what has landed him in trouble for which he had offered the apology saying “a lot of hard work is being put in place to ensure that we save Ghanaian lives. What I said was that the president was doing a lot of good things and we should look at those good things as the basis for judging the president. So that if you are going to say that he feels nothing about dumsor then that is quite unfair. But I cannot take the inalienable right of every Ghanaian to criticize and express their frustrations and exasperations.”

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