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Blows over KONADU...As Footsoldiers clash

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By William Yaw Owusu

Tuesday October 26, 2010
The clamour for former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings to join the National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential race by a group of party foot-soldiers is tearing the ruling party apart, as another group joins the fray, accusing the NDC vice chairperson of undermining President Atta Mills.

The latest group, calling itself Foot Soldiers for Unity and Victory (FOSUV) of the NDC, which DAILY GUIDE learnt derives its strength from the Castle, says Mrs. Rawlings’s presidential ambitions will send the NDC into opposition if not checked.

“How long will the NDC allow the personal ambitions of one woman to destroy the NDC? How long will we allow her assigns and agents to destroy what we have all toiled to build. How long are our leaders going to be silent and timid as Nana Konadu and her agents bring down the whole NDC and government if they will not get what they want- power and control,” the group asked in a statement DAILY GUIDE learnt was issued from the Ministry of Information late Sunday.

Ghanaians woke up on Sunday to find ‘Konadu For President in 2012’ posters pasted on several walls and poles in cities, towns and villages across the country, with the Eastern region boasting of over 15,000 posters.

As at yesterday, it was no longer a nocturnal assignment for Konadu agents in Wa in the Upper West region as they openly distributed the posters and flyers with residents rushing for them like flies chasing rotten meat. “It was hot cake”, a resident told DAILY GUIDE.

The promoters of Mrs. Rawlings, the wife of former President Jerry John Rawlings and founder of NDC, are determined to elbow President John Evans Atta Mills in his quest to get a second term.

But Benard Allotey Jacobs, Central regional former Propaganda Secretary warned that Mrs Rawlings was gradually leading the NDC to the slaughter’s slab.

“…It will be a disaster…and suicidal for the NDC to elect Nana Konadu as the flagbearer….In the unlikely event of Nana Konadu becoming flagbearer of the NDC, it will be cool chop for the NPP…Look, what we are doing, should we be kicked into opposition, NDC will never resurrect,” Allotey told Peace FM.

Allotey has been described by the Central regional representative for ‘Nana Konadu for President’ as a complete comedian, who should not be taken seriously. He said Allotey’s contribution on Peace FM even showed that he was not serious.

Although, Nana Konadu has not spoken, she has given ‘telling signals’ that she wants to lead the NDC to the 2012 polls and has been very vocal and consistent in denying reports that she has endorsed an Atta Mills candidature.

But what appears to be a call on the leadership of the party to rise and nip Nana Konadu’s ambitions in the bud, is the statement by FOSUV and signed by Kwabena Mintah Akandoh, National Coordinator.

It said “FOSUV has observed that because of the personal ambitions of Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, there has been a well orchestrated campaign to malign, insult and work against the forward match of the NDC.

“This selfish ambition which is perpetuated above the rules of the NDC and above every authority in the NDC is destroying discipline, unity and progress of the NDC” adding “this personal ambition has led to the deliberate undermining of the leadership whilst exposing the President Mills led-Government to public ridicule and contempt”

FOSUV said “it is this same ambition that has seen the printing and posting of Nana Konadu for 2012 posters all across the country even though it is cowardly masked as an act of foot soldiers.

“FOSUV wishes to stress that if the NDC will be returned in any future election, it will depend on how well the current Prof. Mills-led administration performs in Government. Any attempt to undermine the current NDC government with the intention of pursuing personal ambitions is only a laughably self-destructive enterprise.

“For now, it is the view of FOSUV that Professor Mills is doing well and must be supported by every well-meaning Ghanaian more so NDC members. It is also refreshing to observe the humility and cleanliness of the President.”

It added “let us respect the laws of our party and allow Prof. Mills to deliver on his promises to the electorate. It is everybody’s guess, what would have been the fate of those engaged in this insurgency if it were them in power. We have subjected ourselves to public ridicule and disdain for far too long.”

However Nana Konadu’s supporters were of the view that it was time for the NDC to be reclaimed by its real adherents - those who truly believe in its virtues and values.
They said Mrs. Rawlings is an embodiment of these NDC values far better than anybody else in the party today.

President Mills, the group said, had given the control of the party to different people who went to sleep during eight years in opposition.

“They have taken the NDC party away from the values that form its bedrock. We were here when Prof. Mills went abroad to teach in a foreign university after losing an election. John Mahama concentrated on AU work at the time. Totobi Kwakyi was ‘ill’ for eight years and only got well one year ago. Kwamena Ahwoi went into ‘retirement’ from politics while Kwesi Ahwoi went to work abroad.

“While all these people were at it, only one man and one woman stood tall and courageously defended the core values and principles of this NDC movement. Together with his wife, President Rawlings showed endurance and adaptive vitality during eight years in opposition to sustain the grassroots and keep the people’s hopes alive”, Henry Oware, Public Relations Officer for Movement for Nana Konadu 2012 said in statement.

“Two years in government, President Mills is allowing the grass roots of our party to wither away. The source of the political fountain which is the people is been cut off by President Mills. And that is why the foot-soldiers are calling on Mrs. Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings to rise to the occasion as her endurance and inspiration is badly needed and her star is beckoning”.

The group accused President Mills who is the leader of the party of violating the due process of being a candidate by announcing his intended candidature for 2012.

“It is also no secret that Vice President John Mahama has taken undue advantage of his position to start campaigning around the country for President. While at the same, some other people are touting Kwesi Ahwoi as a contender. We in the movement for NANA KONADU 2012 do not therefore see any violation in carrying on our advocacy, therefore, we shall continue to move this agenda until the former first lady takes up the challenge we’re throwing to her.”

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